Bengali inspired kid lit 


Guba Publishing is an independent publishing house based out of Oakland, California making children’s picture books, flashcards and posters with a focus on fun and quirky illustrations and telling diverse stories inspired by our Bengali roots. We launched in November 2017 and are growing our portfolio every year!


 New Release!

The Unexpected Friend: A Rohingya Children's Story

A rare opportunity to discuss social justice about the Rohingya refugee humanitarian crisis through children’s storytelling. Now available on pre-order for November delivery.



Customer Reviews

Great illustrations and a strong female protagonist!
— Elizabeth Hemple, Germany, Amazon Review of "Tiny Jumps In"
Such extraordinary ways to make learning a heartfelt experience!
— Kishwar Sakhawat, Bangladesh, Facebook Review
Brilliant, lively, entertaining, original and educational books by a committed team full of fun and passion.
— Imogen Butler-Cole, United Kingdom, Facebook Review
Very good quality and easy to use. Highly recommended.
— Faiza Rahman, Bangladesh, Facebook Review

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