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Tiny makes a BIG splash at Author Reading events in Dhaka!

Jan 24, 2018

Raya Rahman

“Is she jumping in paint?”


“That creature looks like a germ!”

“Oh no, she will get eaten!”

These are just some of the creative comments made by kids who attended the highly interactive book reading of “Tiny Jumps In” by the book’s author and illustrator, Inshra S. Russel, in various venues in Dhaka city. 


In the spirit of bilingualism (a big part of the Guba ethos), our good friend Rushnaf Wadud, singer and song-writer extraordinaire, read out the Bengali verison of the book “টাইনি ঝাঁপ দিল”.



There were giggles and laughter as the fantastic duo narrated Tiny’s big underwater adventure most expressively. 


Mr. Mustafa Monwar, eminent award winning artist and puppeteer, graced us with his presence at the BENGAL BOI event on January 19th. It was a special honor to have him as a guest in the audience. He was called up on stage by Inshra, although he resisted, and he gave the loveliest impromptu talk on the enormous benefits of teaching children through fun and laughter. 


The grand finale, much to the children’s delight, was a story writing game with prizes and candy for all! The game players spun the 'words wheel' (pictured on the right) and used their words to make sentences until a story formed!  All participants chose their very own Guba posters as their prize. In the picture below, a little girl decides to take the Bengali Alphabet poster as her prize.


The debut author and illustrator was thrilled to meet the young audience members in person after the reading and sign their books with a warm personal message.


The events were lovely and we look forward to hosting many more. Do check our Facebook page for more author readings and children’s events coming up in the future!

Halfway to launching Guba!

August 31, 2017

Inshra S Russell

Guba Publishing was conceived in 2016 and birthed in 2017, which is why this is such an exciting year for us. We have managed to put things together enough to plan our launch in November, at the Dhaka Literature Festival.

In fact, founder-fantastic Raya Rahman has just returned from fruitful a trip to Dhaka. Meetings with printers, illustrators, lawyers and inspirational people means that Raya is now a happy bunny, looking towards a future with a basketful of fun prospects. She will no doubt fill you in with the juicy details...or keep it all a secret, you’ll have to ask her.

As for Inshra here in London, the wet weather, instead of curbing, has satiated the cup of creativity drop by drop. Lists of things to do have been ticked off, dinner has been made and the feeling of satisfaction hovers tantalisingly in the air - almost within reach. That’s a rare feeling so I had to record it.

So our wonderful consumers of culture, we have a bunch of things in store for you. The Guba Podcast, our online freebie will be up and running soon and we would love to hear your thoughts on what you want to hear...to feed your thoughts. As for me, I return to the life away from the laptop, the other real one.




Starting a niche publishing business...

August 1, 2017

Raya Rahman

Had someone told me five years ago that I would be starting a business selling Bengali books, I would have a) laughed in their face and b) internally thought to myself that I would never do such a thing. In true mock-movie-dramatized fashion, fast forward to the present and here I am sitting at a coffee shop with my laptop doing exactly that! What sequence of events led to this change of heart, you ask? (And if you are actually asking that and still reading on, then THANK YOU :).

Girls in Aarong-2.JPG

Here's the short version: I grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh but my kids were NOT born there. This created the obvious unfortunate dilemma of Bengali language loss as soon as said offspring started daycare/school. I searched and searched for some quality reading or animated material that would expose them to their parent's native language in a fun and appealing way. The initiative failed miserably, and my kids went back to their "way cooler" English books and learning videos. I have to admit that I probably felt rather defensive - after all, our Bengali experiences were also "way cool!" We definitely had the stories to share, but perhaps what's missing are a trusted platform and fun packaging, I thought. And that was how the idea of Guba Publishing came to be...

Okay, I tricked you, that was the long version (did I say Thank you for reading!). Now that you know the back-story, this is where we are hopefully headed. We want to be your go to place for great stories…we want to present these stories in the most fun, safe and appealing set-up that both kids and grown-ups will appreciate…and we want to create fair partnerships with authors and illustrators with the common goal of sharing their talent with the world. And last, but not least, we want to provide all of the above in both English and Bengali, so it’s accessible to a lot more people!

More to come on launch dates, the first books and other interesting tit bits. Please stay tuned!