Who we are

Guba Publishing is an independent publishing company from Oakland, California. We launched in November 2017 with a small line of Bengali inspired illustrated books, flashcards and posters focused on themes of culture, languages and social justice.

"What's in the sack?" Play our animated launch video to find out!

What's important to us?

Fun, fun, fun - We believe that children learn the best when they are having fun. Our aim is to create a catalog of stories with artwork that engages, enlightens and entertains our young readers and listeners.

Excellence – We take excellence in quality very seriously. We value your trust in our brand and promise to deliver a high-quality end product to the best of our abilities.

Teamwork – Every book we finish is the result of endless hours of teamwork between talented writers, illustrators, editors, translators and many other stakeholders of the publishing process. We strive to create fair partnerships with all our contributors with the shared goal of bringing imagination and creativity to life.

Language – Our titles are in English, Bengali or easy bilingual (Bengali with English translations and transliterations).

Community & Social Justice - Guba Publishing strives to be a platform for advocating social causes through children’s storytelling. We create children’s picture books in collaboration with cause driven non-profit organizations to raise both awareness of and funds for specific causes.

Together with our talented contributors and collaborators, we at Guba Publishing welcome you to our "world of different perspectives"!